This project involves the architectural study of the interior and exterior spaces of a two-story apartment in Kalamaria.

The main design axis focused on eliminating the visual fragmentation of the spaces caused by the strong presence of both columns and beams. At the same time, the desire for a calm and warm environment was a fundamental requirement for the apartment’s design. A key design tool was the use of wooden cladding, running peripherally on the masonry like a zone that unfolds below the height of the beams. The lighting placed on the upper part of the cladding emphasizes this zone and blurs the boundary between cladding and beams, creating a sense of height in the space. Wooden claddings are placed in all common areas and sections of the room walls, accommodating furniture at certain points, following a cohesive design language throughout the apartment. The use of wood and natural dyes applied to the walls results in an earthy and familiar outcome. The palette of the design materials is completed with marble and black color, emphasizing elements of the design and adding dynamism to the final result. The kitchen is treated as a unit, where the island is a continuation of the black marble floor, while its closed cabinets are part of the common wooden furniture shared with the living room, unifying these two spaces.

External functions organized around the pool, such as the dining-BBQ area, outdoor living space, and sun loungers, create relaxation zones with an unobstructed view of the city. Design-wise, these are addressed with built-in structures that seem to unfold and project as sculptural elements in the space.