The design is for two identical cottages in Chanioti, Halkidiki, on a plot with an existing building, on the edge of the seashore. The possibility of preserving the sea view for the existing building determined the linear and longitudinal development of the functions of the houses, leaving free space between them. Furthermore, their massing was arranged in such a way that they look like two light volumes, especially on the southern side bordering the existing building. For this reason, the elongated ground floor is separated in material from the rest of the building volume using stone, giving the feeling of a solid base, on which a white volume with openings is placed that includes the floor and the attic.

The dwellings share a common typology of floor plan. The entrance to the house is from the ground floor, under the covered space created by the volume of the floor and attic. The ground floor receives the common functions of the house, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, a guest room and a small storage room. The ground floor spaces internally discharge to different parts of the exterior surroundings, creating separate discharge spaces for each function and emphasizing the sense of integration of the inside with the outside. The floor and the attic are where the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms of the house are located. Covered semi-outdoor spaces act as a transition from inside to outside, protecting from the sun during the summer months. The choice and placement of the openings of the houses have been managed in such a way that the houses can take advantage of the views, natural light and ventilation, while at the same time maintaining privacy between the buildings, so that there is no direct visual contact.

The configurations of the exterior spaces relate on the one hand to the independent entrances of the residences, as well as to outdoor lounges, barbecue areas with outdoor dining areas, and relaxation areas, offering the user of the residence many different summer experiences on each level and each space individually.