The multifunctional furniture for children is part of the design of the nursery, which was proposed within the framework of the open complex architectural competition “Welfare Infrastructure and Neighborhood Park in the Municipality of Chania”. The central idea of its design is the participation of the object both as a means in the educational process and in the development of the child, enhancing experiential and discovery learning.

It has been designed in such a way that it serves and meets the various needs of the educational program activities in the classroom, using their continuous rearrangements in the space. The shape of the furniture enables arrangements in linear, circular and free-form, offering alternating boundaries through a sense of introspection, isolation and integration. The choice of alternate furniture placements and the movement of the furniture through changing its bearings contributes to the development of children’s motor skills, their participation in collective classroom activities and their choice of personal isolation. At the same time, its abstract form and the possibility of acting from all sides, motivates the child to create a setting for every type of play (individual-team, creative, imitation, competition).

It consists of a triangle-shaped activity table with curved corners and a stool with its own storage space. The table has two sides, one colored and one blackboard. The stool can be placed inside the table structure, and all together can be placed lined up.