This project is an undergraduate project at the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, in the context of the course Parametric Design and was realized in the FABLAB laboratory of the Technical University of Crete. Its subject was the construction of a seat for the exhibition Please sit Mr. Le Corbusier, which took place at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture, in Chania.

The main idea of the design came from the art of paper folding, Origami. A big challenge in its design was the weight of the structure, because the result had to look light yet at the same time be stable and strong. During the first approaches, the inclinations of the seat as well as the necessary dimensions to make it comfortable contributed to the creative process. Subsequently, these needs led to a more dynamic design, based on three main triangles which take up the three main functional needs of a chaise longue, the seat, the back and the footrest. Finally, other triangles were designed to meet further needs, such as the side armrests and rear support fenders.

The construction was made with etalbond aluminum composite sheets, thanks to their ability to bend easily, achieving the folds and stability of a structure as it would look if it were made of paper using the origami technique.

This project was awarded first prize (gold) in the Home Interior Products category and an honorable mention (honorable mention) in the Interior Furniture category of the International Design Awards (IDA15) held in Los Angeles. The judges chose from among 1000 entries from architects and designers from 52 countries.