The proposal concerns the design of an ice cream store, in a shop space, located in the building of the old “Xenia” of Kos. Both the building itself and the mood that such a space should exude were the starting point of the design approach. The orthogonal system, the clean volumes and the rhythm presented in the building, as well as the use of color and pattern in the space were the initial thoughts to be applied.

More specifically, it was proposed to create a zoning of functions, separating the preparation area from the service and product display area. This zoning is achieved through the change of color and the creation of a playful pattern, by alternating two types and colors of tiles. The placement of a central island, where the display and service of the ice cream products takes place, organizes the visitor’s movement and at the same time acts as a centrifugal element in the space. The counters define a clean zone, which is also distinguishable on the shop front with the use of blue, creating a contrast with the orange color of the inner zone. The window frames follow the orthogonality and rhythm of the building, while the curve comes synthetically to soften the design rigor in the interior, both in the furniture and the interior doors of the store. The colors used inside the store are also applied to the lightweight metal structures that define the exterior lobby.