This hotel is situated in Kefalos town in Kos island in Greece. The comprehensive renovation of the boho hotel involveσ a thorough redesign and enhancement of its aesthetic and functional structure.

The removal of external staircases and the removal of arches, from the existing volumes that defined the balconies of the rooms redefined the views. The redesign offers privacy to each balcony, while at the same time maximizing, in the respective rooms, the sea view. The main entrance is accented with timber beam frames, which define the movement within, enhancing the effortless flow from inside to outside and vice versa.

The incorporation of wooden pergolas, stone walls and earthy warm toned plasters alter the building’s facade creating a visual identity for the hotel. Natural elements such as sand, gravel and greenery play a pivotal role in elevating the overall ambiance and ensuring a seamless integration with the coastal surrounding.

Exiting the main building a metallic structure with a wattle pergola accommodates the breakfast area reinforcing the indoor outdoor feeling and the smooth transition in the pool. The pool area undergoes a transformation, featuring a harmonious blend of wooden elements and earthy finishes to create an inviting and tranquil space for guests. Between the pool and the beach bar an addition level with sunbeds and umbrellas is constructed connecting the hotel’s main building, the pool and the beach bar.

The beach bar, a focal point of leisure and socializing, is conceptualized as a vibrant extension of the landscape. The impressive wooden pergola in combination with rattan furniture and earth-toned fabrics, define a new resting area by the Aegean sea. Wooden decking is placed strategically composing a smooth transition throughout the outdoor area of the hotel leading either to the sea or to the two bungalows positioned on either side of the hotel.

Throughout the design process, attention to detail is paramount, ensuring that all the  elements seamlessly merged with the hotel’s coastal setting. The utilization of sand and gravel in landscaping further accentuates the connection between the property and its natural surroundings, creating a cohesive, functional and visually appealing environment.