The space is carefully crafted to provide a calming atmosphere while ensuring privacy and functionality. The main design principle is focused on ensuring working comfort and functionality for both doctor and patient.

Upon entry, guests are greeted by light-colored wooden accents complemented by soothing tints of olive, creating a harmonious ambiance conducive to relaxation and healing. A large bench extends longitudinally the interior facade creating a minimal yet comfortable waiting area. The use of curves plays a key role in the definition of the boundaries of space and its character as a whole infusing the clinic with a sense of fluidity and warmth.

Functionality seamlessly melds with privacy as the clinic is divided into two distinct zones. The “public” zone, is where patients move freely (reception and waiting area) and the “private” zone, is where the medical services are provided (examination rooms, doctors’ office, services for the employees, WC, etc). This functional separation of public and private is soothed with the use of frosted semi-transparent glass doors allowing to observe human movement.

Moving further into the clinic, each examination room is a sanctuary of comfort and privacy. The walls are painted in calming shades of blue, promoting a sense of serenity and peace. Furniture, carefully selected for both form and function, seamlessly blend with the overall design aesthetic, creating a cohesive and inviting environment.

Adjustable lighting is strategically placed in the clinic to provide sufficient illumination for comfortable and efficient consultations. Recessed thin LED strips traverse from ceiling to the floor adding visual interest while maintaining a soothing atmosphere.