This is a proposal for the interior design of a two-storey apartment in an urban environment. In this particular apartment there was a strong need to separate the functions of the living room from those of the kitchen. The installation of central furniture comes to organize the space functionally. A section of the furniture also acts as a filter between the kitchen and the living room, keeping the kitchen area where food is prepared hidden up to a certain height, and from that point onwards horizontal blinds allow light to pass into the kitchen and create a lighter situation in the common area. At the same time, this construction embraces the dining room furniture with a horizontal element, unifying and separating the kitchen from the living room at the same time. Warm tones have been chosen, using wooden flooring, shades of brown in the furniture and earthy tones in the fabrics. A glass handrail is placed on the staircase leading to the bedrooms to give a stronger sense of integration between the two levels.