The design of this particular project was based on the intention to create a space that reminisces the experience of a winery, while also functioning as a wine retail space.
Treating wine both as a unique display item and a product for sale, alongside integrating wine tasting, dictated key design principles regarding materials, colors, and layout.

The layout of the cellar space is organized to serve the dual purposes of storage and display. The space is divided into two levels, creating two areas for wine placement according to their type and age. Bottle display line the perimeter of the space in specially designed structures. In the center of the space, a composition consisting of a large table, which hosts the wine tasting experience, and the cash register unify the two levels, creating a circular path around the space.

Industrial materials, shades of black and copper, in combination with strategically placed lighting, aim to create a cellar-like atmosphere. The black flooring extends seamlessly from the entrance throughout the space, emphasizing the space’s structure. Custom shelves are placed perimetrically the space suiting accordingly the proportions of the bottles. The surface hosting the metallic display of aged wines is covered with glass, emphasizing their different significance while simultaneously creating reflections, adding depth and visual interest to the space.

Lighting plays a significant role in shaping the overall atmosphere, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that accentuates the architectural composition of the space. Pendant thin fixtures at various lengths are placed in a staggered rhythm at different heights, providing direct lighting, while recessed spotlights offer general illumination in specific areas, accentuating the project’s features.