”PERIVOLOS RESIDENCE” A family residence in Chania inspired by cretan landscape.

”THE TWINS” Two holiday houses in Chalkidiki.

A historical hotel in Kos island reindroduces itself through a new design approach.

The architectural study refers to two identical cottages in Chanioti, Chalkidikis on the edge of the coast.

”PERIVOLOS RESIDENCE” A family house in Chania Crete inspired by cretan landscape.

The design and construction of this particular Chaise Longue was a big challenge.

The judges chose from among 1,000 entries from architects and designers from 52 countries.

This particular project was inspired by the Origami folding technique.

This award made me believe more in my work and inclination to support children’s play. It’s like someone gave me a ‘go on’ wink