Our Studio

Design for us is the means by which the space begins to be sculpted and the narrative of the experiences that will take place in it. Through design we focus on the new connections that people will create with space. Studying where and for whom we design, the place and the needs of the people provide the directions that will lead to those design gestures that will shape the space and affect the lives of the people in it. The uniqueness of landscape and people come together to create a unique work with personality. The transitions, the sequence of spaces, the light, the relationship between closed and open are processed in such a way that all the human senses are involved and new experiences are born. Spatial experience, functionality and aesthetic quality participate in the upgrading of the relationship between man and space, giving a new dynamic.

Each project is a unique journey of communication and design and is a canvas on which we are called upon to realize, with contemporary methods and materials, what we have set out from the beginning as needs and desires.

Our projects have taken part in national and international architecture and design competitions, having won distinctions. Part of our work has been published in prestigious magazines and websites in Greece and abroad.

Space is a field of stimulation and creativity for children. Through research and design, based on the principles of play, we wish to enhance the dynamics of the space, enabling children to explore and create their own world.